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What’s It All About? – #TECHOGNITION

What’s It All About? – #TECHOGNITION

Join us in this awesome What’s It All About? as we explore #TECHOGNITION, the ultimate celebration of the vital contributions of school and FE technicians across the UK.

Taking place on Friday 8th March 2024, the event is run by and sponsored by UNISONTechnical ChampionsSLS Select EducationPhilip Harris and VITTA Education.

Back in 2016, commissioned a UK survey looking at the school science technician profession which produced some shocking findings.

One finding that stood out was that the majority of participants said that school leaders, the general public and especially the government were not fully aware of what school technicians actually do on a daily basis in their work and there was an assumption that technicians were often seen as just ‘helpers’ in many schools.

The first #TECHOGNITION event was launched in 2018 with the aim of showcasing and celebrating the role of school science technicians and in recent years we have extended it to cover ALL technical staff who work in schools and FE colleges in the UK.

ICT, Design & Technology, Music, Art, Drama, P.E. and other school and FE college technicians are encouraged to take part by uploading photos of themselves performing any of the vast and varied jobs they do on any given day to publicly showcase their essential roles in education.

School and FE college technicians are highly skilled, experienced and essential members of school staff whose value in any successful school department should not be underestimated. has been working closely with UNISON and others to help raise the public profile of school science technicians whilst celebrating these essential roles and in 2023 a new project which follows on from the successes of #TECHOGNITION was launched – a new school standards mark for supporting technical staff – Technical Champions.

#TECHOGNITION serves as a platform to highlight the crucial work done by technicians in educational institutions, emphasising their significant influence on student success and their key role in shaping technical careers.

By taking part in this event, school leaders and the wider public gain valuable insights into the pivotal role played by technicians and their impact on creating a thriving educational environment.

The upcoming seventh edition of the event is set for Friday 8th March 2024 and is gearing up to be bigger, better, and more uplifting than ever before.

Are you the hidden hero behind the amazing experiments, the super-organised set-ups and mind-boggling demonstrations in your school or college lab? Then it’s time to step into the spotlight!

Join the industry in capturing the heart and soul of your work by sharing captivating snapshots of your laboratory adventures. From creating colourful chemical reactions to orchestrating complex physics experiments, let the world witness the ingenuity and passion you infuse into every test tube and microscope slide.

Participants are encouraged to upload these snapshots to the event’s official website and social media platforms using the hashtag #TECHOGNITION.

  1. Upload your ‘tech’ photos and videos tagging @TECHOGNITIONUK and using #TECHOGNITION
  2. Make sure to also tag the 2024 event sponsors!
  3. Retweet and share fellow technicians’ posts and updates to help school and FE college technicians get the recognition they deserve.
  4. You can also upload your photos to (8am-6pm on the day).

But that’s not all! As a token of appreciation, there is a line-up of exciting prizes that will make your scientific heart skip a beat.

Recognising the exceptional skills and invaluable expertise of technicians, who often operate behind the scenes, #TECHOGNITION aims to raise the profile of these essential roles and celebrate the unsung heroes within the realm of education. Through joint efforts, the event strives to amplify awareness and appreciation for the pivotal contributions made by technicians in shaping the future of education in the UK.

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For more information on #TECHOGNITION and its sponsors, please visit the official website at