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What’s It All About? – Dr. Jo Science Solutions

What’s It All About? – Dr. Jo Science Solutions

Join us in this awesome episode of What’s It All About? as we enter the fascinating world of science with Dr. Jo Montgomery, a scientist, teacher, trainer, and the founder of Dr. Jo Science Solutions!

Join Dr. Jo as she shares her passion for science through a variety of engaging and educational content. Whether you’re a parent looking for exciting science activities for your children, a teacher aiming to bring science to life in your classroom, or a school leader seeking to enhance science education in your institution, Dr. Jo Science Solutions has something special for you.

Dr. Jo’s extensive experience spans over 20 years in science education. She brings the joy of learning through hands-on experiences, creating that magical “light bulb moment” for both children and educators. Explore testimonials from teachers who have benefited from her CPD programs, and hear from parents and school leaders about the positive impact on their schools.


Find out more in our latest episode below.


Transcript summary below:

Hello, I’m Jo Montgomery, a scientist, teacher, trainer, and founder of Dr. Jo Science Solutions. The idea for this venture emerged as a way to amalgamate my diverse experiences into a portfolio career. Dr. J. Science Solutions aims to spread joy and share my passion for science through various channels. I create content on social media, offering science activities for you to try.

I conduct STEM workshops and science clubs in schools and for community groups. Additionally, I provide support to teachers through professional development with organizations such as the Primary Science Quality Mark, Great Science Chair for schools, and STEM Learning. As an independent education consultant, I also work with Dr. J. Science Solutions. The platform targets parents, families, and children seeking engaging science content and activities.

It caters to teachers who aim to bring science to life in their classrooms and school leaders looking to enhance science education in their institutions. The objectives of Dr. J. Science Solutions are to share and instill a passion for science and education. My primary mission is to help and support individuals, be it families, teachers, schools, or trusts, in achieving this goal.

Sharing the love for science and the benefits of working with Dr. J. Science Solutions means bringing a real-life scientist into your school. With over 20 years of experience in science education, I engage with children and teachers, as well as deliver professional development programs. Feedback I’ve received includes testimonials from teachers who have attended my CPD programs, along with positive responses from parents and school leaders praising the enthusiasm and engagement that hands-on science brings into their schools.

I share free activities online on social media and my website. Additionally, I organize science clubs and workshops, teach in schools, and provide professional development support. While some activities have associated costs, I consistently share a wealth of free content online. The best part of being in the STEM and education industry is the variety of experiences I get to enjoy.

Working with children, families, and teachers allows me to witness the awe, wonder, and enthusiasm that arise when people truly grasp a concept—the proverbial light bulb moment. Over the next six months, my schedule involves teaching in schools, delivering workshops, and supporting teachers through the Primary Science Quality Mark. I’m increasing my involvement in the Great Science Chair for schools, scheduled for June next year. Simultaneously, I’m working on a book about STEM careers.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at Dr. J Science, or on Blue Sky and Mastodon, and other social media channels. Visit my website at I look forward to hearing from you.