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What’s It All About? – Association for Science Education

What’s It All About? – Association for Science Education

Join the ASE and become a member of our amazing community of professional support

The Association for Science Education (ASE) is a professional body and global network of science educators. We are advocates for excellence in science education, we support ongoing professional development and offer a welcoming and inclusive community of support for science educators both in the UK and abroad.  By harnessing the power of our community and speaking with one voice on the issues that matter, we empower all science educators to deliver the best possible outcomes in their educational setting.

So why become a member? Whether it’s to stay on top of current pedagogical thinking and science education news or to expand your professional and personal networks; whether you want to transform your science department or shape science education policy at the highest level,  you’ll find that membership of the ASE can help and could become a substantive part of your professional journey.

Lifelong professional learning

We know that staying up to date with developments in the science education field is of the utmost importance to help shape future generations of scientists, which is why our CPD is led by experts in the field to give our members the highest quality of learning.

As well as access to a wide range of face-to-face events and online webinars that help members advance specific skills, we also offer a number of in print and online journals that help the science education community keep their finger on the pulse of emerging issues and developments.

A community of support

One of the most popular aspects of ASE is the community of support it offers.   ASE membership numbers in the many thousands – and as a result the breadth of knowledge and experience held by the ASE membership is very wide indeed!

In practice, this can help you to find others in your profession with whom you can share and learn about best practice, from whom you may feel inspired, supported, understood, motivated or just heard!

As an organisation, the various committees and groups responsible for steering ASE policy and strategy are all made up of volunteer members, and we are lucky to be able to call upon the expert advice of our membership in many areas.

Speaking with one voice

ASE membership plays a significant role in supporting the advocacy and policy work we do to shape national science education policy, promote curriculum innovation and evidence-informed practice. By being a part of ASE, our members actively contribute to the advancement of science education at both local and national levels, making a positive impact on the future of the field and the experiences of science educators and learners alike.

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To find out more about ASE membership, the benefits and discounts on offer and to join ASE for as little as £25 per year, please visit