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Unboxing the Moss Safari Kit from EduLab

Unboxing the Moss Safari Kit from EduLab

Dr. Andy Chandler-Grevatt and founder of Moss Safari unboxes the Moss Safari Kit from EduLab and runs through all the contents and an overview of the teacher resource book that is included.

EduLab has collaborated with Moss Safari to bring all the excitement and wonder from the online and in-person expeditions, led by Dr. Andy Chandler-Grevatt, into a fun-packed explorer kit that spans the primary curriculum in science, maths, and English. Identify the microscopic ‘Big Five’ and learn more about these remarkable multicellular organisms with distinctive characteristics that bewilder the imagination.

The kit, designed to complement the upper-primary curriculum, facilitates a seamless integration of in-person and virtual tours, which are still available and can be used in conjunction with this new kit. This mossy adventure offers a comprehensive learning experience that extends beyond the classroom, allowing students to explore the microscopic world at their own pace.

The Moss Safari Kit contains everything (except an easily found local moss specimen) to conduct your own Moss Safari for up to 3 pairs of students (6 students total).

Don your explorer’s hat and check out the kits via – want to learn more about Moss Safari? Read our What’s It All About article.

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