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Unboxing the Hotplate and Magnetic Stirrer from EduLab

Unboxing the Hotplate and Magnetic Stirrer from EduLab

Denise Ralph is unboxing the Hotplate and Magnetic Stirrer from the guys at EduLab running through the components that make up this unit.

Crafted from stainless steel with a corrosion-resistant ceramic coating, this sleek marvel doesn’t just stir things up; it does so with style and durability. Safety takes centre stage with a separated circuit that puts the brakes on heating at a sizzling 350 degrees.

But that’s not all—thanks to its variable speed motor, this stirrer maintains a cool, constant speed, unfazed by changes in load.

Transcript summary below:

Hello and welcome to LaBLiFe. My name is Denise Ralph, and I’m filming on location in Woolmer Hill School, Haslemere, Surrey. Today I’d like to talk to you about the ISG Hotplate and Magnetic Stirrer.

In the box, we have the mains cable, magnetic stir or fleece, and the unit. On the unit, we have a three-pin plug where the mains cable goes. On this side, we have the on/off switch. On the front of the unit, we have two dials: heat, which goes from 0°C to 340°C, and the stirrer dial that goes from 0 to 1500 revs per minute.

On the front, next to the heat and stir, there is a little light that will come on to indicate that the unit is being used.

On the top, we have the ceramic plate which will stop any corrosion if the solution is spilled onto the unit. The heat has a special feature that when it reaches 340, it will cut off so that the solution doesn’t dry out or/and produce a toxic smell from the solution.

Thank you for watching this video today. We would love to hear any questions or feedback that you might have. Thank you.