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Top Tech Tips for Summer Term

Top Tech Tips for Summer Term

As a science technician, the Summer Term is a unique period in the school year. With exams underway and fewer practical lessons, it’s a perfect opportunity to tackle those often-overlooked tasks and prepare for the upcoming academic year. To help you make the most of this time, we’ve gathered a collection of tips from some of our LaBLiFers. These tips cover a wide range of topics—from staying organised to maintaining your well-being—to ensure you’re set up for a successful Summer Term and a smooth start to the new school year.

  1. Stay On Top of Requisitions:

    Make sure that your teachers are submitting their requisitions on time! – Kim Vale, The Homesdale School.

  2. Repair As You Go:

    Do your repair jobs as you go along. Otherwise, it can feel soul-destroying. – Melanie Curd, St Clere’s School.

  3. Stay Cool:

    Get a fan! – Owain Hunt, Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen.

  4. Plan and Prepare:

    Use your time to do Inventories ( chemical store, equipment etc,) arrange for the fume cupboard to be serviced, arrange for disposal of waste chemicals to be picked up, put together a list of stationery, chemicals, equipment that needs to be ordered for September. – Denise Ralph (RSciTech), Woolmer Hill School.

  5. Self-care Matters:

    Remember to look after yourself. – Eoin Dunne, The Bolsover School.

  6. Early Equipment Ordering:

    Try and order any equipment you need for September as early as possible in the Summer Term. – Alex Craig, The Castle School.

  7. Relax During Exams:

    Relax while the exams are happening. – Jon Hale, Beaulieu Convent School.

  8. Prioritise and Delegate:

    Don’t stress over all the unfinished things. Prioritise the most important and don’t worry about the rest, there is always too much to do in these short terms. – Katrina Cornell, UTC Oxfordshire.

  9. Keep Hydrated:

    We must ensure to stay hydrated. Since we do not have access to drinking facilities in prep rooms, it is easy to forget to take breaks for water, especially when we are busy. However, particularly during warmer weather, we should make a conscious effort to take breaks and get a drink, not just during lunchtime. Lisa Alford, Tonbridge School

  10. Get Ahead:

    It gets quieter in some ways, get ahead if you can and organise while there’s time! – Bob Morgan, Magdalen College School Brackley.

  11. Tackle Pending Tasks:

    Get all the little jobs done that you’ve been putting off while revision has reduced practicals. – Chloe Akery, Don Valley Academy.

  12. Plan Ahead for September:

    It’s a chance to do lots of counting (stock take) and get all them repairs done ready for September. – Kevin Fitzpatrick, St Wilfrids High School and 6th Form College.

  13. Plan Ahead for September:

    Plan as much for September as possible – leave as little as possible to be done during the summer break! Denz Fernandes, The Leys, Cambridge.

  14. Professional Development:

    Allow time for reorganisation and CPD during non-practical exam times. It will benefit you later. Kevin Straw, The Carlton Academy.

  15. Maintain a Clean Workspace:

    Make sure to take time to clean and tidy the prep room so that when school restarts it’s a pleasant place to be. – George Robins, The Marsh Academy.

  16. Start Early:

    Start thinking about all those end-of-term jobs now (especially if you are TTO). Don’t leave them all until the last week! Plan your time and use quieter periods while exams are on or students are away on residential trips to make a start. Then hopefully you can enjoy the last few days of term and not start the summer break as a frazzled mess. (voice of experience talking!) – Valerie Kerr, Parkside Community College.

  17. Get Organised:

    Get your repairs list orders drafted and tasks list set up and make an electronic checklist of everything to refer back to every term and to show SLT when they try and make you an emergency invigilator. – Karen Donald, DSTC.

  18. Plan Ahead for September:

    Use the time wisely to set up for the September term – or if you “roll over” in July – setting up books etc for the new school year in July! – Kim Vale, The Homesdale School..

  19. Use Lablogger

    Shaun Kirby, Marsh Academy

With these tips in mind, navigate the summer term with efficiency, preparedness, and a focus on well-being.

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