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Spectrum Tube Power Supplies

Spectrum Tube Power Supplies

Ideal for Chemical Analysis in GCSE Chemistry, a spectrum tube power supply can be a valuable and engaging tool. From introducing students to the concept of spectroscopy and identifying elements based on their unique spectral patterns to atomic structures and fostering curiosity through visual kinesthetic learning.

What is a Spectrum Tube Power Supply?

A spectrum tube power supply is a specialised electrical device used in scientific and educational settings to power spectrum tubes. Spectrum tubes are sealed glass tubes filled with specific gases or vapours at low pressure. When an electric current is passed through the gas or vapor in the tube, it emits light, producing a spectrum of distinct coloured lines.

The spectrum tube power supply is designed to provide the necessary electrical voltage and current to excite the gas inside the spectrum tube, causing it to emit light. It typically consists of a high-voltage power source, a variable current control, and connectors or clamps to attach the spectrum tube securely. The power supply allows users to adjust the voltage and current flowing through the tube, which affects the intensity and appearance of the emitted spectrum.

Spectrum tube power supplies are commonly used in physics and chemistry classrooms and laboratories to demonstrate the principles of spectroscopy. By passing an electric discharge through the gas or vapor in the tube, the emitted spectrum provides valuable information about the atomic and molecular structure of the element or compound present in the tube. This allows students and researchers to observe the unique spectral lines and understand the energy levels and transitions of electrons within the gas.

These devices are a valuable tool in teaching and learning about atomic and molecular properties, as well as applications in various fields, such as astronomy, chemistry, and physics. Safety precautions must be followed when working with spectrum tube power supplies, as they involve the use of high voltages and electrical discharges.

Can you name the four gases we showcase?

Answer below video.

Equipment used:

      • Spectrum Tube Power Supply
      • Hydrogen Spectrum Tube
      • Oxygen Spectrum Tube
      • Nitrogen Spectrum Tube
      • Neon Spectrum Tube

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