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Paper Power: Un-fold New Ways of Learning

Paper Power: Un-fold New Ways of Learning

Stacey Wheeler, Senior Science Technician at Mounts Bay Academy, Penzance, brings over a decade of experience. As a STEM Learning Associate Facilitator, she established a Cornwall-wide community of Technicians, offering free CPD training, equipment sharing, and building confidence through regular face-to-face meetings.

In our roles in the education sector, it is really important to find alternative ways to teach and to share these banks of knowledge with fellow educators. All students learn differently, which is why it is so important to find innovative ways of teaching, especially those methods that are fun and engaging.

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Discovering Origami Organelles
I stumbled upon Origami Organelles by chance, and I am so happy I did. There will always be students who do not like to do dissection activities, and students who learn better with hands-on lessons, and you couldn’t ask for more with these activities.

Accessible and Adaptable
They have easy-to-follow instructions and come with a PowerPoint lesson to help you teach and effortlessly integrate these models into the curriculum. They work best printed on normal paper, however additionally, they even have monochrome versions, meaning you can print in black and white to save money on ink. All you need? Scissors and tape!

Cost-Effective Convenience
Furthermore, you pay once and can print as many times as you like. Don’t worry if you lose the file; you can email customer support for help, and they can resend it if you lose the file in the future.

Diverse Topics, Engaging Activities
Covering a diverse range of topics, from cell structures to molecular biology, as well as easy to make, Origami Organelles caters to all, offering engaging activities that spark curiosity and foster deeper understanding. Whether you’re introducing basic concepts or exploring complex biological processes, these models provide a tangible and interactive learning experience that resonates with students of all ages.”

Take the Origami Challenge
Recognising the diverse learning styles among students and incorporating resources like Origami Organelles can transform classroom dynamics, infusing science education with excitement and understanding among students. Ready to add some origami magic to your teaching arsenal?

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