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Meet LaBLiFe Ambassador – Denise Ralph

Meet LaBLiFe Ambassador – Denise Ralph

Name: Denise Ralph

Job Title: Senior Science Technician

Organisation: Woolmer Hill School

Years of Experience: 11 years as science technician (23 years in education)

What’s the most enjoyable part of your job? 

The most enjoyable part of my job is that every day is different.

What practical do you enjoy doing most? 

The Screaming Jelly Baby

If you had one bit of advice for someone looking to get into your professions what would it be?

It is not a glamorous job but an interesting and enjoyable one!

Who’s your favourite scientist and why?

Rosalind Franklin (July 1920- April 1958).

She was a British Chemist and X-ray crystallographer her work was central for the understanding of the molecular structures of DNA ,RNA, viruses, graphite and coal.

She was known as the “forgotten heroine”.

What is something only a few people know about you?

I hated spiders, I held a Tarantula and now I am cured.

I love pickle on toast!

What is it about your industry that inspires you?

It can change lives – shows that girls can have a career in STEM.