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How To Use the Hotplate and Magnetic Stirrer from EduLab

How To Use the Hotplate and Magnetic Stirrer from EduLab

Denise Ralph is demonstrating how to use the Hotplate and Magnetic Stirrer from the guys at EduLab.

Crafted from stainless steel with a corrosion-resistant ceramic coating, this sleek marvel doesn’t just stir things up; it does so with style and durability.

Safety takes centre stage with a separated circuit that puts the brakes on heating at a sizzling 350 degrees. But that’s not all—thanks to its variable speed motor, this stirrer maintains a cool, constant speed, unfazed by changes in load.

Transcript summary below:

I am now going to plug in the unit and switch it on.

I have a solution here that I’m going to place on top of the cup and I have a top, and I have a solid. I’m going to add some of the [Music] solid. I’m going to place magic b [Music] into. You’ll hear a clunk. We now turn the stove on, and you’ll notice there’s a little green light that will show you that the item is on. Turn it up really slowly. I won’t turn too much because it will Splash!

Once the product is dissolved, you can turn it off the heat. Once it reaches full capacity, it will turn off so that the product doesn’t dry out or produce toxic smoke and fumes.