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Behind the Prep Room Door at Wirral Grammar School for Boys

Behind the Prep Room Door at Wirral Grammar School for Boys

In this series, we unlock the door to the science department’s concealed treasure, as science technicians across the UK and Ireland reveal their preparations, setup, and valuable techniques for an efficient prep room.


This month’s prep room is proudly showcased by Physics Technician Helen O’Brien from Wirral Grammar School for Boys, based in Bebington, on the Wirral Peninsula!

How would you describe your prep room set-up and layout?

There are three separate prep rooms, and three technicians, one for each science. To access the chemistry prep room, you pass through a lab, the physics prep room is the designated staff workroom and the biology prep room’s window overlooks the greenhouse so has a constant dark hue. My prep room is sometimes critiqued as messy, but it is just all the lovely equipment!

What is your favourite part of your prep room?

My little office/repair station just off the main prep room.

What is needing some TLC or improvement in your prep room?

More storage…

With that in mind, what would you add to your prep room if you had an unlimited budget?

More Gratnells!

What is your top tip, advice, or essential must-have for someone setting up or inheriting a prep room?

Go through an entire curriculum year before throwing anything out as this enables you to assess effectiveness and optimisation for continuous improvement.


Thanks Helen, for sharing with us your amazing prep room, tips and set up!

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