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Behind the Prep Room Door at Outwood Academy Kirkby

Behind the Prep Room Door at Outwood Academy Kirkby

In this series, we unlock the door to the science department’s concealed treasure, as science technicians across the UK and Ireland reveal their preparations, setup, and valuable techniques for an efficient prep room.


This month’s prep room is proudly showcased by Science Technician Jordan Richmond from Outwood Academy Kirkby, based in the market town of Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire! One year into its journey with the Outwood Grange Academies Trust, the academy has a great cohort of students and a great group of teachers with a passion for their subjects.

How would you describe your prep room set-up and layout?

Efficient (compared to how it was). I have remodelled the prep room to make my prepping as efficient as possible, ensuring that everything has a designated place. Although it isn’t a new space, I have had to adapt my working techniques to suit the room at times. I have central tables dedicated to prepping trays and conducting practice experiments. Additionally, I have a bench designated for chemical preparation and washing up, and cleaning tasks. The administrative area, represented by my desk, is positioned to the side, out of the main working area. Trays line the walls on two sides, and there are shelves lining another.

What is your favourite part of your prep room?

The central tables that are specifically designated for preparing trays and carrying out practice experiments.

What is needing some TLC or improvement in your prep room?

My racking is in desperate need of updating in the prep room and in the chemical store.

With that in mind, what would you add to your prep room if you had an unlimited budget?

A fixed fume cupboard, a new Van de Graaf, a class set of light gates… the list could go on.

What is your top tip, advice, or essential must-have for someone setting up or inheriting a prep room?

Get a list of everything you have and note the storage capacity of the prep room. This will give you a helping hand in sorting out where things can be stored and how. Oh and plenty of tea and patience for teachers!


Thanks Jordan, for sharing with us your amazing prep room, tips and set up!

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