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Behind the Prep Room Door at Haileybury

Behind the Prep Room Door at Haileybury

In this series, we unlock the door to the science department’s concealed treasure, as science technicians across the UK and Ireland reveal their preparations, setup, and valuable techniques for an efficient prep room.


This month’s prep room is proudly showcased by Chemistry Technician Richard Blunt from Haileybury, an independent school in Hertford covering Year 7 to 13, offering GCSE, A-level, and International Baccalaureate programs!

How would you describe your prep room set-up and layout?

We have a large table in the centre, which is high enough to accommodate a Gratnells trolley. There is plenty of storage around the edge, along with a double sink, fume cupboard and desks. Additionally, we have a designated area where we can test experiments. The entire space is dedicated to technician work – there’s no room for teachers or students.

What is your favourite part of your prep room?

The big central table. We rarely run out of space for prepping or storing trays ready to go out.

What is needing some TLC or improvement in your prep room?

Nothing. We’re very lucky.

With that in mind, what would you add to your prep room if you had an unlimited budget?

A replacement for the still. We need a way of purifying water that has the throughput of distillation without sending so much down the drain.

What is your top tip, advice, or essential must-have for someone setting up or inheriting a prep room?

1) Keep the teachers out – they can take up space elsewhere.
2) If your school can scrape the money together, a dishwasher.


Thanks Richard, for sharing with us your amazing prep room, tips and set up!

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