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Stand Out! Become a Tech Champion

Stand Out! Become a Tech Champion

Technical Champions is a quality mark that awards secondary schools and FE colleges in the UK who fully support and recognise the importance of their technical workforce.

Technicians are an essential part of any successful school or college staff. Their roles are diverse and often complex, requiring a high level of expertise and knowledge, and yet technicians are often underutilised, and their roles are not fully understood.

Following in the footsteps of the higher education equivalent, Technician Commitment, which was made a success by Kelly Vere MBE, The Technical Champions Award is the culmination of Chris Galvin’s (director of Prep-room and founder of Technical Champions) tireless efforts and hard work to extend that success to the secondary education sector. With a successful pilot initiative, schools and colleges now have the chance to lead the charge in acknowledging and celebrating the indispensable work of their technical staff.

Accreditation and Recognition

The accreditation lasts three years and requires a modest investment of £325 per application. The recognition comes in two tiers: the Technical Champions – Standard Award and the prestigious Technical Champions – Gold Standard for institutions going above and beyond in supporting and recognising their technical staff.

The assessment process isn’t a mere formality; it’s a profound exploration of how well your institution equips its technical staff for excellence.

Ark Burlington Danes

Successfully joining the ranks of Technical Champions also brings a plethora of benefits. You’ll receive a certification pack, and digital banners for web and print, along with detailed feedback and continued online support.

Dual Benefits for Schools

The benefits of the award for your school are two-fold. Firstly the assessment aims to equip your leadership team with the tools they need to ensure their technicians are best supported, maximising potential and enhancing efficiency, whilst from the outside it shows the school to be committed to providing the best standards of learning for its pupils across STEAM subjects.

Case Study: Ark Burlington Danes Academy

Ark Burlington Danes Academy was recently awarded Technical Champion Gold Standard for the work and commitment carried out by their science technician team of Paul Cook and Katia Rodrigues. Supported by the school they have helped lead practical lessons and run enrichment activities, inspiring future scientists in the process.

“…With full support from the academy’s principal and SLT, we are the first school in the country to be awarded Technical Champion Gold. It’s an amazing honour and testament to the extra work put in by myself and colleague, Katia…” – Paul Cook, Ark Burlington Danes Academy

For those considering becoming a Technical Champion, here’s the process:

  1. Email Request: To get started, reach out and request your application pack by emailing
  2. Leadership Completion: Ensure the application is completed by a member of SLT (senior leadership team) or the line manager for technical staff.
  3. Technician Survey: Technicians participate in an online survey linked in the application pack.
  4. Submission: Submit the completed application and a £325 purchase order to
  5. Assessment: The application is assessed within 28 days, with further communication made if additional information is required.
  6. Success or Feedback: Successful institutions receive a certification pack, detailed feedback, survey data, and specific targets for future applications.
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